Technical Group: C-4, Materials Science and Engineering, Nanotechnology (MSE)

Jiyoung Kim
University of Texas at Dallas
Chang-Yong Nam
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Jang-Sik Lee
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
Materials innovation is at the heart of addressing critical societal challenges related with energy, environment, and sustainability. Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) symposium will bring together scientists and engineers working at the forefront of materials science and technologies, providing opportunities for gaining new perspectives and networking for future collaborations. The topics to be covered by the symposium include but are not limited to: Electronic materials; functional materials; and nanomaterials towards advanced applications such as micro/nanoelectronics, energy conversion/storage, and additive manufacturing to name a few. Also to be discussed are novel materials design, synthesis, processing, and characterization.