Technical Group: C-8, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering, Management Sciences, Operations Research (IMS)

Jeong Hoon Choi
Youngstown State University
Tai-Woo Chang
Kyonggi University
Hyesung Park
Georgia Gwinnett College
The Industrial Engineering and Management Science (IMS) Symposium aims to discuss recent theoretical advancements and practical developments in the areas of industrial and systems engineering, management science, and supply chain management. The symposium would disseminate, to all branches of academy and industry across the U.S. and Korea, the most relevant theoretical research as well as applications. Topics include, but are not limited to: Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Supply Chain Risk Management, Service Science, Revenue Management, Finance Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, Optimization, Network Science, Transportation Science & Logistics, System Simulation, Modeling & Decision Analysis, Quality & Reliability Engineering, Engineering Economic Analysis, and Ergonomics & Human Factors.