Technical Group: B-2, Agriculture, Ecology, Food, Nutrition (FAN)

Yoo Kim
Oklahoma State University
Sungeun Cho

Auburn University
Kee Hong Kim

Purdue University
Agriculture, Ecology, Food, and Nutrition Symposium will provide professional opportunities for leading and rising scientists and engineers to learn latest scientific, technical advances in various fields of agriculture, ecology, food and nutrition in US and Korea. The symposium covers all areas related to the UKC 2023’s topic, ‘Discovery, Innovation and dissemination for transformative impact’. Areas include: 1. Agricultures including agronomy, entomology, crop, soil science, & environmental science, horticulture, plant science, plant pathology, animal sciences, agricultural biotechnology & engineering, agricultural economics & agribusiness, and other agricultural areas; 2. Ecology including physiological ecology & behavioral ecology, population ecology, community ecology, ecosystem, landscape, human ecology, and other ecological areas; 3. Food science including functional food, food processing, food quality, safety and regulation, food nanotechnology, food microbiology, food chemistry, food engineering, sensory science, and other emerging food technologies; 4. Nutrition including dietetics, nutrient metabolism and physiology, precision nutrition, nutritional management in human diseases including obesity, diabetes, cancer, and stroke, muscle and protein metabolism, gene and diet interactions, international nutrition, nutrition and intestinal microbiome.