Technical Group: C-6, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Jin W Choi
Michigan Technological University
Wookyung Sun
Seoul National University
Jeongwon Park
University of Nevada at Reno
Jungkwun Kim
University of North Texas
The Electrical and Computer Engineering Symposium is designed to provide emerging technologies and diverse developments in a wide range of disciplines of Electrical and Computer Engineering. With the global success of smart devices and the increasing importance of intelligent systems, this symposium provides a platform to introduce the latest innovations as well as showcase applications enabled by these technologies. This symposium brings together scientists and engineers from the US and Korea, promoting the opportunity for technical information exchange and research collaboration between these two vibrant communities. ECE symposium will cover i) electronic and photonic devices, ii) integrated circuits, intelligent systems, control, and networks, iii) emerging applications in healthcare, artificial intelligence, and robotics, and iv) energy, power, and other areas of smart devices and systems.