Technical Group: A-2, Chemistry (CHM)

Jiwoong Park
University of Chicago
Dong Hee Son
Texas A&M University
Hoi Sung Chung
National Institutes of Health
Chemistry has been crucial to understanding material’s properties on the molecular level, and its impacts have been broadened to various applications of energy, new materials, biology, healthcare, and engineering. Thus, interdisciplinary research is becoming increasingly critical in addressing complex problems. This year’s Chemistry Technical Group will organize symposia focused on the following research areas: (1) design and characterization of new materials and energy, and (2) molecular approaches for biology and healthcare. Leading researchers working at the forefront of these topics will be invited to discuss the structures and functions of molecular systems and noble experimental, theoretical, and computational techniques. Researchers, postdocs, and students working in academia, industry, and government laboratories are strongly encouraged to participate in scientific discussions and network building.