Workforce of the Future: Education and Careers

Chaired by Gloria J. Kim
University of Florida

Convergence in Education and Workforce Development

Room: Maverick
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm, August 3rd, Thursday, 2023

Powerful technologies, such as artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, and the internet of things, are disrupting the nature of work and reshaping the landscape of jobs. New forms of learning, skills assessments, and job training are exposing pitfalls of traditional degree-centric requirements in tech hiring. The approach to developing and sustaining talent supply chain must change. This UKC 2023 Keynote Symposium explores convergent perspectives on education
and workforce development. Experts and stakeholders are invited to offer insights on how the benefits of emerging technology can be leveraged to equitably impact current and future workforce.

Chaired by Kyeong Ho Yang
Korean-American Innovative Technology Engineers and Entrepreneurs (KITEE)

Chaired by Benjamin Lee
Weill Cornell Medicine

Future Careers in Technology and Entrepreneurship

Room: Maverick
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm, August 4, Friday, 2023

The job market, particularly in technology, is constantly evolving with changes such as hybrid remote work, job automation by artificial intelligence, and increasing interests in entrepreneurship and startups. To succeed in the future job market, individuals must stay up to date and adapt to new technologies and the market environment. This keynote symposium targets mid-career and young professionals, as well as the young generation. It will feature speakers discussing future careers in technology and entrepreneurship, how to acquire new job skills, advance in corporate careers, or start a company. The symposium will culminate in a speaker panel session with an open discussion and Q&A.