Extended Deadline: UKC 2023 Call for Papers – Submit by 5/31/2023

Dear KSEA Members,

We are excited to announce that due to the overwhelming response and numerous requests, the organizing committee of the UKC 2023 (https://www.ukc.ksea.org/) has decided to extend the deadline for 1-page paper submissions for the Technical Group (TG) Symposiums.

The new submission deadline is now extended to May 31, 2023.

To submit your abstract, please visit the UKC 2023 website at https://www.ksea.org/ukc-call4paper and follow the submission instruction. Please make sure to use the paper template.

Once again, the following TG Symposiums will be held during the UKC 2023.

A-1. Physics (PHY)

A-2. Chemistry (CHM)

A-3. Mathematics, Geology, Meteorology, Statistics (MAS)

B-1. Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Medicine, Physical Education (MPS)

B-2. Agriculture, Ecology, Food, Nutrition (FAN)

B-3/C-1. Biological and Biomedical Sciences (Biology, Molecular Biology, Cognitive Science, Botany, Zoology, Biomechanics, etc.) / Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering (BME)

C-2. Chemical, Textile, Energy, and Nuclear Engineering (CHE)

C-3. Mechanical, Aerospace, and Naval Engineering (MAN)

C-4. Materials Science and Engineering, Nanotechnology (MSE)

C-5. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Architecture (CEA)

C-6. Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

C-7. Computer and Information Sciences (CIT)

C-8. Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering, Management Sciences, Operations Research (IMS)

D-1. Education Research, STEM and Social Sciences

We look forward to meeting you all in Dallas in August. If you have any questions, please contact us at ukc2023@ksea.org.


Chang-Yong Nam, UKC 2023 Program Chair

Yongho Sohn, UKC 2023 Conference Chair

Tai Sik Lee, UKC 2023 Conference Co-Chair