UKC Banquet: Spjork


Spjörk (pronounced “spee-YORK”) performs high-energy mashups, medleys and remixes of dance, pop and rock tunes from the ’80s through today — all played with a fun twist that makes your old favorites sound fresh again. What’s a mashup? Imagine hearing Blinding Lights (The Weeknd) combined with Take On Me (A-ha). Or Don’t Stop Now (Dua Lipa) mixed with The Talking Heads. Cake and Gorillaz. Post Malone and The Killers. Depeche Mode and Pharrell Williams! 

It’s the freewheeling fun of old-school funk; the remixed mashups of DJs; the four-on-the-four flavor of dance/pop music; and the lo-fi edge of indie rock. And there’s plenty more where that came from, because Spjörk  has a deep repertoire of high-energy mashups, remixes and medleys. It’s all the dance, pop and rock songs that you love to hear — and that you’ll love even more with Spjörk’s fresh approach to fun!