Announcing Data Science Workshop (DSW) at UKC 2023 – Reserve Your Spot Now!

Dear KSEA member,

We are excited to introduce the Data Science Workshop (DSW) that will be held during UKC 2023 in Dallas.

Data Science Workshop (DSW): “Machine Learning on Biomedical Data”

Data Science Workshop at UKC provides deep hands-on experience on data analysis and machine learning.

This year the format will be a team-based mini-project from start to finish of a data science problem using real-world biomedical data. 

It is open to all non-biomedical and biomedical backgrounds with some prior programming but no data science experience to those looking to expand their knowledge.

Participants will begin with data cleaning, build a machine learning model, and end with presenting their own trained model.  

Instructors will assist teams of 2-3 participants on each mini-task to achieve the final goal of training a machine learning model and presenting it.

Reserve your spot early due to limited seating capacity at the UKC website under Program >DSW (Click here!).

The workshop fee is payable during UKC registration.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to enhance your data science skills and work with real-world biomedical data. Join us at the Data Science Workshop during UKC 2023!

Best regards,

Benjamin Lee, DSW Chair 

Yongho Sohn, UKC 2023 Conference Chair